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2.4 meter VSAT Antenna Specification


Reliable structure and a good anti-rust

Excellent side beam performance and high gain

You may choose Linear or Circular Polarized feed system

We can provide manual and motorized for your choice

Kingpost or turnable pedestals

Both C band,ku band,L band,S band,X [...]

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How to obtain best gain from offset VSAT antenna

Are you are using an offset reflector made from glass or polyester reinforced plastic with a long heavily loaded feed arm supported by two side struts? The surface profile of the dish may be distorted, with the sides pulled forward and the bottom pushed back. This can cause seriously low gain, as bad as -5 dB due to the dish [...]

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VSAT Antenna Installation

The antenna needs to be mounted where it can 'see' the satellite and where it is safe from unauthorised access.    The outdoor RF unit (ORU) is mounted on the arm in front of the antenna reflector. 

The outdoor RF unit comprises two radio modules: a low noise block down converter (LNB) and a [...]

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VSAT Satellite Communication Systems Introduction

Satellite beam coverages
The Africa satellite beam coverage map to the right is an example of a VSAT coverage area. In this case the yellow area is the SOUTH EAST ZONE beam from the satellite operating in C band with circular polarisation.  There is a similar C band with circular polarisation beam covering Europe on the [...]

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