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VSAT Antenna Installation

The antenna needs to be mounted where it can 'see' the satellite and where it is safe from unauthorised access.    The outdoor RF unit (ORU) is mounted on the arm in front of the antenna reflector. 

The outdoor RF unit comprises two radio modules: a low noise block down converter (LNB) and a [...]

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6.2M VSAT Antenna

1) C-Band and Ku-Band are available

2) Fashionable design,easy installation and adjustment

3) Well in anti-corrosion

4) Excellent in stability

5) Customised product

Electrical Specification










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4.8M VSAT Antenna

1. C, Ku, and X-Band feed options

2. 2-Port or 4-Port configurations

3. CP/LP switchable feeds

4. Full line of options to meet any requirement

5. No on site panel alignments required

6. Installation Teams and Supervisors Available

7. Factory assembled mount reduces installation time

8. High Wind and Full Motion options [...]

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4.7M VSAT Antenna

  1. L, C and Ku-band feed configurations
  2. C/Ku receive-only feed systems
  3. Fixed or motorizable pedestals
  4. Antenna control system with tracking
  5. Reflector and feed deicing systems
  6. Load frame or non-penetrating mounts
  7. Packing for sea and air transport
  8. Turnkey installation and testing

Antenna Diameter

4.7 meters VSAT [...]

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4.5 Meter VSAT Antenna

1. Antenna frequency:C and ku band.
2. Up-link and down-link satellite antenna

4.5 Meter VSAT Antenna Specification








Operation Frequency, GHz





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