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2.4 meter VSAT Antenna Specification


Reliable structure and a good anti-rust

Excellent side beam performance and high gain

You may choose Linear or Circular Polarized feed system

We can provide manual and motorized for your choice

Kingpost or turnable pedestals

Both C band,ku band,L band,S band,X band,ka-band and rascom extended frequency are available

Fixed or motorizable base

Both available are Generalwind,Highwind and Superwind

Self-aligning,stretch forming of aluminum reflector




C-Band Operating Frequency--------Receive:3.625~4.2;Transmit:5.85~6.425

Ku-Band Operating Frequency--------Receive:10.95~12.75  ;  Transmit:14.0~14.5

Gain, Mid-band, dBi--------Receive:38.18; Transmit:41.76 For C band and Receive:47.94; Transmit:48.87 for KU band

Feed Insertion Loss, dB--------Receive:0.2; Transmit:0.2 For C band and Receive:0.25;Transmit:0.25 for KU band

Antenna Noise Temperature,2-port feed,10°Elevation-------- 38°K for C band Receive and 52°K for Ku band Receive

Antenna Noise Temperature,2-port feed,20°Elevation--------31°K for C band Receive and 43°K for Ku band Receive

Antenna Noise Temperature,2-port feed,40°Elevation-------- 24°K for C band Receive and 38°K for Ku band Receive

Radiation Pattern:First Sidelobe--------CCIR580-4

Axial Ratio (dB) For C band Circular Pol.-------- Receive:1.30; Transmit:1.09

Polarization--------Linear/ Circular For C band and Linear for KU band

Isolation, Tx to Rx, dB--------85

Beam Width--------Receive:2.03°; Transmit:1.34° For C band and Receive:0.66°; Transmit:0.59° for KU band

VSWR-------- Receive:1.25:1; Transmit:1.25:1 For C band and Receive:1.25:1; Transmit:1.25:1 for KU band

Feed Interface--------Receive:CPR-229G; Transmit:CPR-159G/137G For C band and Receive:WR-75;Transmit:WR-75 for KU band

Cross Polarization Isolation for Linear Pol.--------(on Axis), ≥35dB and Across 1dB Beam Width, ≥33dB

Tx. Power Capability, KW--------5 for C band Transmit and 1 for Ku band Transmit


Mechanical Specification


Reflector Surface,Pedestal & Back Structure--------Aluminum panels with high-diffusing white paint and Hot dipped Galvanized



Antenna Type--------Ring Focus Antenna

Antenna Pedestal Type--------Kingpost Pedestal

Surface Accuracy (RMS)--------   ≤0.35mm

Antenna Drive--------Manual or Motorized drive


Environmental Specification


Antenna Pedestal Type--------Kingpost Pedestal

Solar Radiation--------1135Kcal/ h/ m2

Temperature--------- 40°C ~ + 60°C

Seismic(Survival)--------0.3g (H), 0.15g (V)

Operational Wind--------72km/h Gusting to 97km/h

Relative Humidity--------100%

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